Divestment … a theological frame of reference ..


Religion, Divestment, Shareholder Engagement, the United Church and the Way of Jesus

Religion is not rational. It is about relationships and symbols that speak to our lives and to our connections with what is within us and beyond us. It helps us connect to other people and to the creation as a whole. Religious beliefs ground our ethics. Theology helps us to see and hear the sacred in a disordered and flawed world.

Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple as a sign of God’s outrage with those who were taking advantage of the poor and powerless. After the incident, the moneychangers cleaned up the mess, complained to the authorities and went back to business as usual. Meanwhile, because Jesus had the audacity to react to immorality – he was arrested, beaten and executed.

Divestment from companies that support or profit from the occupation of Palestine may…

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