A Modern Lumberjack

20150729_141013  20150729_135902

Extreme Heat and extreme chainsaw skills came together in front of Mill Market on Wednesday, July 29th. In a pre-show demonstration for the upcoming Cob & Cut August event, West Coast Lumberjack Steve Hebert  shared his mad skills with a chain saw. At 2:00 pm, along the river side entrance of Mill Market it was hot. Very hot. For about an hour, Steve Hebert worked his chainsaw, creating an eagle out of a beautiful piece of Red Pine. “I like Red Pine and Spruce” (for carving) shared Steve Hebert.”White Pine has a little more sap.”

20150729_143312  20150729_143254  20150729_143325

Steve Hebert is the owner of West Coast Lumberjack Shows, a business he has been steadily growing for the last 6 years. Working in the northern bush in and around Hearst, Ontario where he grew up and lived for many years, and now the Sudbury area, Steve is a person best described as a ‘modern lumberjack’.  He is also an alumnus of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario  where he earned a Degree in Forestry.

Steve has been “carving for quite awhile, but in last three years or so, it’s getting more serious.” Steve Hebert is referring to the bookings for West Coast Lumberjack Shows. The summer schedule is a busy one, and 2015 WCLS website calendar looks to be a busy one. Summer performances are comprised of the following (from website) Chain saw carving, axe throwing, underhand chop, hot saw racing, double buck racing, standing block chop, pole climbing, Jack & Jill double buck, log burling and springboard.( http://wcls.ca/)

A chainsaw carved Bear was on display as well.  Red Pine Bear. “That project took approx. 5 hours, start to finish.” said Steve “It took 3-4 hours rough cut through to ready for sanding. And then another hour of sanding work.”

The West Coast Lumberjack Show will be back with a team for Cob & Cut, a summer festival event on the grounds of Mill Market, Sault, Ont., August 22,23 2015. To learn more about the Cob & Cut festival and a schedule of events, visit  http://www.saultonline.com/events/1st-annual-cob-and-cut-2015-08-23/



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