A Dance for the Ages, St.Paddy’s evening out in The Sault, Senior Style.


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Seniors Calling …. Dance to the Music

irishimages1A person would be hard pressed to find a place in the Sault on the eve of St.Patrick’s Day, where more fun was had, than at the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s Senior Drop-In Centre. It was the annual St.Patrick’s Day Dinner and Dance at the Bay St. location. When the music of Don Discher and the Sundowners struck the first chord, the dance floor started to fill up, and never really .. let up.

After a short break between sets, Ellis McDonald, seasoned Square Dance caller, joined Lynn Mazzonello (keyboards) and Don Discher (fiddle & guitar) on stage, for a rousing square dance. Ellis has been calling square dances in and around the District of Algoma and beyond, for well over 50 years. It’s safe to say, he knows what he’s doing.
“Allemande left with the corner maid,
Meet your own and promenade.
Allemande left with your left hand,
Bow to the partner, and there you stand.”

20150316_194216The crowd, numbering around 200 senior citizens, were observed having a tremendously good time. At one point, some ‘hootin’ and hollarin’ was heard. All part of Square Dance manoeuvres.
Don Discher, & Lynn Mazzanello are featured entertainers every Monday night (October – April 13th) at The Moose Hall on Trunk Rd. E.

Square dancers gather there as well. Monday nights at The Moose, is a bargain at $5.00/person. All are welcome to come out, listen & dance to some good music from Don Discher and the Sundowners. And get dosey-doed by Ellis McDonald calling ….
“Chicken on a fence and possum on a rail
Take your honey and away you sail.”

The Seniors Drop-In Centre is a veritable hub of activity. TerryLou Legros and team invite the 55+ set to come out and get engaged in activities at The Seniors Drop-In Centre, Bay St. or The Steelton Seniors Centre on Wellington St.W. Check out the online guide at:





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