World Day of Prayer 2014. Streams in the Desert

As we enter epiphany 2015… and this time and place in the world .. We reflect on a different time & place .. when three wise men would bring precious gifts to a child they did not know … a journey that would enlighten them.. and cause them to defy orders by a ruthless King..One who would serve to extinguish a light for the world … Let this Epiphany 2015 be that time again .. when men in Egypt .. who would serve to silence a storyteller .. see that … they are not a threat … these three journalists .. who tried to give voice to a story unfolding .. Let this time and place in history serve to awaken & enlighten a system for justice … Let this time be the time …when the three journalists held in an egyptian prison .. find the exit of the dark place.. .. and walk out free men .. Alive and well .. into the light … where they can continue to share stories. One year later .. these story-tellers still languish … Pray for these men .. that they live to tell their story … The link posted here, from BBC, Jan.2nd,2015.

Shades of North

March 7th,2014, marked the 2014 date for the annual World Day of Prayer..

This year the theme was focused on Christianity in Egypt.

As the key-note speaker, I shared the attached speech. Reflecting back, I am horrified that Mr. Fahmy, an accomplished and prize winning Canadian journalist is still rotting in an Egyptian Jail. He, along with colleagues working as journalists, observing the state of affairs in the Egyptian election ‘process’  were detained , and ultimately jailed for ‘inciting a riot’…. Freedom of speech is as far from Egypt as the sun….

I have absolutely no answers…only questions….But I want Mr. Fahmy to be okay…and i guess I have to start with that…Taking action will be a whole lot more difficult…but i know i have to….

in prayerful consideration, ..lynne       Desertsinthestreamspeech

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