Norval Morrisseau….Copper Thunderbird…..A beautiful mind

Copper Thunderbird… The beautiful mind of Norval Morrisseau

Shades of North

1931 – 2007
Norval Morrisseau is a true original and important First Nations artist. Norval found inspiration in the  mysteries and surroundings of the land where he lived. Remote northern Ontario, Canada. In these places Norval would find the connection to the land and to his peoples.. .where he could feel the breath of his ancestors whispering to him in gentle breezes…beckoning him to find his gift..his calling. He was among the first native artists to paint the ancient myths and legends of the eastern woodlands, stories previously passed down by the oral tradition. He spent his youth in remote isolation in northern Ontario, near Thunder Bay, where his artistic style developed. As the soul originator of his “Woodland” style he became an inspiration to three subsequent generations of artists…within native circles and beyond.

Norval was brought up by his grandfather who introduced him to Ojibway shamanism and…

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