Insiders’ rules: How government ‘wires’ contracts to get the people it wants

huh…confusing..that’s for sure

Ottawa Citizen

The criminal trial in courtroom 36 moved into strange territory just before the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Crown prosecutor Denis Pilon had been trying to show how three Ottawa firms and seven individuals colluded to rig bids, putting themselves in the driver’s seat for winning more than $60 million worth of federal government computer services contracts.

But midway through the third week of the trial Pilon’s star witness veered off course.

Shannon Lambert, the vice-president of Veritaaq Technology, had been put on the stand to establish that hundreds of communications took place between her firm and two of the accused – TPG Technology and Spearhead Management. Pilon maintains that these emails and meetings were proof of a conspiracy.

Lambert, who was testifying in exchange for having charges against her and her firm wiped from the record, was speaking directly to the jury, explaining the meaning of the electronic messages Pilon set before…

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