‘I banged my head on the table’: NDP won’t bring back long-gun registry, MP Angus says

Canada already does a thorough job of registering long guns … As an individual who took the Firearms safety training course , and received a hunting license .. i know fro experience that a person can’t just buy a long gun without serious and intensive ‘vetting’ .. I don’t know what the NDP Federal party thought they would accomplish with re-introducing this , but , in my opinion Charlie Angus is the voice of reason here … and his party, the federal NDP, had better listen …

Global News

OTTAWA – NDP MP Charlie Angus says his party won’t bring back the long-gun registry, despite his leader’s vow to create some “form” of registry to give police the ability to track every gun in Canada.

Angus, who says he “banged my head on the table” when he saw recent headlines saying Mulcair would bring back the long-gun registry, said he’s spoken with his leader and his party will not bring it back.

“We’re not talking about bringing back the long-gun registry, period,” Angus said in an interview Friday.

“It’s frustrating to always be talking about the dead registry when we need to be talking about dealing with prohibited arms, restricted weapons, how do we make sure that those kind of weapons are not on the street and the police know we have a good system place. But that does not equate to a long-gun registry.”

Angus – who…

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