Canadian veteran who joined fight against ISIS struggled to adapt to civilian life after tour in Afghanistan

praying for a safe return of this courageous canadian man who is following his ideals….towards a higher calling … to defend his human rights beliefs … and fight for those rights .. for people who have been terrorized by the malice .. called Isis.

National Post | News

IRAQI KURDISTAN — A sign on the café’s glass door says 18+, although no alcohol is served. Inside groups of men huddle around tables and the smoke hangs low, despite the high ceilings.

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In a corner, Dillon Hillier sits smoking a shisha with two Kurds, currently absorbed in their phones. The water pipe bubbles and the coals glow as he draws on the hose. He sits back, exhaling a cloud of apple-flavoured tobacco smoke before passing the pipe. “So you got questions?” he asks.

The 26-year-old Canadian veteran travelled to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq last month to join the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). Now he has been pulled back to rest after his first engagement with the enemy, a battle the spokesman for the Peshmerga — the Kurdish fighters taking on ISIS — describes as important and strategic.

His close-cropped hair and the…

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