‘There’s no future’: Saskatchewan family devastated after three young children killed in farm accidents

a farming family in grief .. insurmountable loss

National Post | News

The Canadian Press / Courtesy of Arnal Family The Canadian Press / Courtesy of Arnal Family

When one of her children was killed six years ago, Anne Arnal never dreamed she would have to go through the same pain again.
And again.

Three of her six children — her freckle-faced, youngest boys — have died in separate accidents on the family’s farm.

Arnal says most people can’t fathom the grief she and her family are suffering. “I could never imagine how or why I would be asked to have to do this,” she says.

“You try to figure out whether you’re supposed to gain something or whether you’re supposed to change somehow or what you’re being tested for … and I don’t have the slightest idea.”

Clifford Arnal grew up on the family homestead near the tiny community of Ravenscrag in southwestern Saskatchewan, where flat prairie turns into rolling hills and valleys. He and his wife raised their…

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