The moment you realize…it’s been stolen…’s gone ..

The following link will take you to a story published by The Globe & Mail. The Conductor & music director of The Vancouver Orchestra,Bramwell Tovey, has lost a significant musical manuscript… This manuscript represents decades of his work.. carefully and meticulously scribed original musical staffs …bars and notes …notations … & key changes ..& sharps and flats .. & instrument parts …Representing strokes of brilliance … shades of musical genius ..Lost in a most unceremonious way … Like many of us …he has become another victim of theft ..I can put myself there … the moment he realized … his lifes’ work has just been stolen …The panic … the disbelief …the nauseau .. the deep sadness ..the guilt … all of it … in a wave of wretched terror … praying to the universe … that somehow ..this all a dream .. and when you wake up .. all will be right with the world …
An excerpt from the story by ..
Last updated Monday, Nov. 10 2014, 9:36 PM EST

“Being a special occasion, Mr. Tovey sprang for valet parking. When he got home, he discovered that his Volvo, parked right outside, had been burglarized.

Gone from his trunk were his scores for War Requiem, marked with decades of notations.”

“It’s like a comfort blanket in a sense because by the time you hit the performance really most of it is in your muscle memory and in your head, but you have this feeling that if there’s ever any moment of doubt, you can look down and you can see something you might have marked 30 years ago,” Mr. Tovey says. “But that’s all gone.”


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