Bonnie Stern: Shepherd’s pie and other Canadian comfort food to hold close


National Post | Arts

Remembrance Day is a serious time when we have the chance to truly consider what our freedom means — and to be grateful to the people who protect our country, both past and present. Although food has never been a large part of the day, cooking meals associated with the times, the places or the people you are remembering makes a thoughtful tribute.


I was surprised to learn that commercially frozen foods (meat and fish as well as vegetables) were introduced as early as 1930 by Clarence Birdseye in the United States. They weren’t accepted immediately as retailers didn’t want to invest in freezers and consumers were reluctant to buy them. Initially they received support from institutional markets but finally got their big boost during the war years when metals were rationed and canned foods were sent overseas to the troops.

In this timeless comfort-food recipe, I…

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