Jian Ghomeshi may have lost the last chip he had to play in his defence

A reputation …going down in flames

Financial Post | Business

Jian Ghomeshi played a high risk, high stakes game. And he lost almost all of it. Now he could lose what may be the last chip he has left to play in his defence — the backing of his union.

[np_storybar title=”The real reasons Jian Ghomeshi is suing the CBC” link=”http://business.financialpost.com/2014/10/28/jian-ghomseshi-lawsuit-cbc/”]If Jian Ghomeshi knows, as he must, that his civil case will be quickly dismissed, there appear to be two good reasons to file the suit anyway. Read on

By getting out last Sunday ahead of the news breaking about his alleged violence and harassment against women, Ghomeshi had the opportunity to shape the narrative, all in the legally privileged, libel-proof form of a statement of claim that viciously attacked the CBC.

It was a legally ill-founded claim (since a unionized employee like Ghomeshi has no standing to sue an employer). But it would also have had the impact…

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