Coyne: If assisted suicide is a right, how can it not be for all?

Assisted Dying.. a case of digging deep into the social conscience of a nation

The case now before the Supreme Court challenging the laws forbidding assisted suicide and euthanasia is an opportunity for us all to have an adult conversation about this sensitive issue, which for too long many have chosen to avoid.

True, the Supreme Court has previously decided on the legal and constitutional questions involved, but that was more than 20 years ago; much has changed since then, not including the law or the Constitution. Given Parliament’s obstinate refusal to take up the matter in the four years since it last voted, 226 to 59, against legalizing the practice, it has fallen to the Court to decide in its place. Which very probably means it will soon be in the court of public opinion, assuming it is not already.

In the debate to come, it will be important to keep in mind that the issue of assisted dying is, at its core…

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