12 Signs you are dealing with a ‘Church Terrorist’ and what to do about it

i have so many thoughts on this article… first of all.. i would never use the word terrorist… The word antagonist or bully is more like it for me… but i would like to know what a person should do when the bully is in the pulpit.

The Millennial Pastor

Churches, like any group of people, have systems and behaviours that develop as communities interact over time. Churches can have healthy systems that allow the community to welcome many voices, have positive interactions and new ideas. Churches can also have unhealthy systems and behaviours that causes conflict and grief. Like a family or workplace or neghbourhood, working through disagreement and conflict is simply a part of life. We all have unhealthy ways of interacting with others.

As a pastor, I have seen people act in such a way that I can only shake my head.  People go beyond normal disagreement and conflict, and are simply unwilling to give up their issue, their idea, their point for the sake of community.

I call these people ‘Church Terrorists’.

(Note: It is been pointed out by my twitter friend @Irish_Atheist that  ‘Terrorist’ is a hyperbolic term. He is correct. So please read, “Antagonist”…

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