… support from community


Into The Blue

Into The Blue

charliewilkinsposterbigblue … support from community

A special shout-out to a dynamic lady, Eva Cziffer, mastermind of Eva picked up the story right away, about the event “Into The blue”..and published the information right away.. It seems so long ago now… and yet..the last month has flown by.

Dinner and a Movie with author & adventurer, Charlie Wilkins is almost sold out…if you can believe it.. Originally, this was a nugget of an idea…but that’s how all good stories turn out…Charlie said yes to allowing me to plan a fundraising event for Central United Church, Sault Ste. Marie,Ont….There is lots of room for folks who choose to come for the movie only component.. It’s a great family, & community event.!

And now…here I am..2 sleeps away. Sleep has not befriended me of late…Last night i was up the entire night..            When i dozed off is anyones’ guess… All i know is…at 9 a.m….i felt drunk..and i haven’t had a drink in a coons’ age. Saturday night was the same… and i had to seem coherent for Choir & announcements & selling tickets.

I got my energy back when a dear lady, Marjorie Sullivan,…who is probably in her 80’s waited patiently to buy  a ticket after church yesterday..She is a very dear-heart. The sheer number of varying backgrounds of people who are attending for dinner & a movie is quite extraordinary. Algoma U. is represented by students as well, and I am aware of  International Students from the university who are planning on attending the movie only piece.

Lesson for me… whenever planning events,  … stock  the shelves with irish or bourbon whiskey..because..truth be told…when i have a stiff drink…i think it does settles me down a little…

Like my grannie Bobbie always shared….sherry or bourbon…it settles down a persons’ nerves. And she …who continues to live a healthy life…and is 93!  should be listened to for solid advice.

Bobbie has a nip of sherry every night…and toasts with her gaelic scottish brogue.

Now….maybe I do have something stashed away…



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