China’s ‘Jerusalem’ sees massive church torn down, statues of Jesus ‘hidden’ by authorities


National Post | News

A City known as China’s Jerusalem has had its holy statues depicting biblical scenes destroyed, removed or “hidden” by authorities, adding to fears of a renewed offensive against Christianity and drawing comparisons with the Cultural Revolution.

About 50 government workers sealed off Wenzhou’s Longgang Hill, a site of Roman Catholic pilgrimage, and used bricks to “hide” statues portraying moments from the Passion of Christ, including the Crucifixion.

Statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, each weighing up to five tons, were “bricked around to hide them from public view” while cranes were used to remove other holy statues and tablets from the park.

“All other religious decoration was demolished,” reported UCA news, a news agency covering Catholic issues in Asia.


“About 100 Catholics who came to watch the removals were blocked at the entrance,” said one witness, who asked not to be named because of “security concerns”.

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