As the world waits for the Trout River whale to explode, the town grapples with the attention

the tragic end of a whale story

National Post | News

Doris Sheppard runs Sheppard’s B and B in Trout River, Nfld., with her husband, Tom. Their dream home, with the wraparound white porch, sits on a hill overlooking the picturesque town which, in recent days, has been the focus of international media attention because of the very large, very dead and potentially very explosive blue whale that has washed ashore on Trout River’s beach. Ms. Sheppard was in the midst of pan-frying some fresh Newfoundland cod Wednesday evening when the National Post’s Joe O’Connor caught up with her to get the latest update from the community’s dead whale watch:

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Q: Sorry to interrupt your dinner, Doris — and I got to tell you fresh pan-fried cod sounds delicious. Have you ever tried whale?
A: I don’t know if anybody eats whale, especially blue whale — they are an endangered species. And, right now, if anybody…

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