The murder of a Jesuit radio station director in Honduras

The murder of a Jesuit radio station director in Honduras

“In light of the flagrant and persistent violations of human rights in the country, and the prevailing impunity for perpetrators, Development and Peace reiterates its concerns over Canada’s free trade agreement with Honduras. Canada and Honduras concluded negotiations for the free trade accord in 2011, two years after the coup d’état and in the midst of a widely recognized human rights crisis.” April 17th,2014.

excerpt from posting to website for  ‘Development and Peace’, official international organization of The Catholic Church of Canada.

Praying for the safety of those who would give rise to a safe and peaceful world… for the brave broadcasters…sharing stories…elevating the message…… all is not well in Honduras…and people are living in fear everyday.

The assassination of Carlos Mejia Orellano , from Radio Progresso, a Jesuit run radio station, demonstrates the ongoing and escalating human rights crisis in Honduras. May God keep the Honduran people, and her children in His safe arms.


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