Canadian-Egyptian Journalist, Mohamed Fahmy. 110 days later

Canadian citizen, & journalist, Mohamed Fahmy continues to be held in an Egyptian prison. His life took a sharp detour when he was arrested as part of a sweep by Egyptian police during unrest in Tahrir Square. Mohamed Fahmy, and his colleagues, were contracted by AlJazeera English to cover events transpiring in Cairo, Egypt, summer of 2013.  He is being held  with  colleagues, who, together represent a journalistic potpourri of awards and distinctions for their work. Mohamed Fahmy is a university educated man, who graduated from The University of Calgary.

On March 7th, 2014, my speech for World Day of Prayer, “Streams in The Desert”, shared the story of Mohamed Fahmy, and his colleagues… the indiscriminate way they were collected up… flung into the darkness..that is Egypts’ justice system..

As we continue to hold  Mohamed Fahmy & colleagues in prayer, we can only hope for a day that they walk freely out of Egypt….and that the day comes soon.




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