Attending Church..And the survey says…

Attending Church..And the survey says…

The article linked here, is one that first appeared on the Elexio Blog, March 11th, 2014. 

The writer, Cynthia Terpstra shares details of church engagement, church attendance, and results of surveys conducted by Pew Research Centre, as well as  Lifeway Research. While these are representative of U.S. communities, it is my belief that they can easily be applied to Canadian congregations as well. 

The results of the surveys shared can be a stepping stone… a place to start when shaping the future of church in community.. The church has been & continues to be, an important component of a socially responsible world… at least…in my opinion. A world where the message of love, respect, and social justice continues to thrive. These are messages that should be the building blocks of community…And church congregations continue to be relevant and important ways of shaping a fair and just world. 



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