Hate Speech..travelling through a Border

Hate Speech..travelling through a Border

I am so disappointed that Canadian Border Services couldn’t stop Peter LaBarbera, a U.S anti-gay activist, from entering the country of Canada. Invited to speak at an anti-abortion ‘conference’ in Weyburn,Saskatchewan. Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials detained LaBarbera at Regina International Airport in Saskatchewan late Thursday night (April 11th,2014).  After searching his belongings. including his laptop,  CBS released him  into the custody of Canadian anti-choice activist Bill Whatcott

.LaBarbera  criticized those who would be opposed to him entering Canada as “Canadian Homo-Marxists” who are conducting a “nefarious campaign to demonize” him and his organization.”.This according to David Ferguson, an editor at Raw Story, who followed the story, and posted the following link to http://www.rawstory.com


Hate speech has no place in civilized society…it has proven to incite violence against vulnerable people….It seeks to undermine fair play…creating a sinister atmosphere of mistrust…Hatred reaches into the hearts and minds of individuals who are ripe for the picking….People like Peter LaBarbera, and his so-called “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality” agenda should find a dark cave and stay there….and let the rest of us live in peace …Please & thank you.



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