No “Christian Seders,” Please!

I have a renewed spirit tonight … the blog , as well as the comment thread is so enervating…stimulating, and worth careful dissection…As a member of a United Churchchoir, I have participated in the annual Seder Meal at my church…I will be sharing the insights that the author challenges us to consider..on “controverted questions”. Thank you Sicut Locutus Est…your writing is remarkable…and i am indebted to you for the work you have undertaken on the subject of The Seder Meal….in its’ simplicity…it is anything..but simple.. God Bless You ..

Sicut Locutus Est

155 NOTE: In March 2013, I posted a series of Facebook Notes about so-called “Christian Seders” and the special obligation Christians have in Lent and Holy Week especially to be vigilant about the way our observances may have an impact on Jews, Christian understandings of Judaism, and related matters. I have been asked by several colleagues to re-post these reflections this year. I am happy to do so. I need to make it clear, however, that I am not an expert on these matters. What I say below is my take on controverted questions, born mostly of my own reading and of my interfaith relationships. Please take them as such.

No “Christian Seders,” Please!

With Holy Week on the horizon,  many Christian congregations have started announcing Seder dinners to observe Maundy Thursday. People of good will recognize this as a devout and well-intentioned attempt to honor the Jewishness of Jesus, and…

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