The United Church of Canada & the journey to Healing

The United Church of Canada & the journey to Healing

The link shared here is one that leads to an acknowledgement and deeper understanding of  the legacy of the Residential School System in Canada….An education that began with the first wrong committed…attempting to shape the future of native peoples…while essentially stripping those same peoples of all that was good and decent with their heritage..

History is a strange bedfellow…it finds its’ way into our periphery when we aren’t looking…and carries with it a collective shame and agony that permeates every breath we take..

     .I have no answers…I am on a journey…same as everyone else…And for reasons i cannot explain… i long for a way to say i’m sorry…to people who were plucked from their families…communities…and dumped into a world where everything they knew..or would come to learn..was lost…

Haunting ghosts…lives lost… traumatized people..leading into a steady spiral towards darkness.

The United Church of Canada, along with other faith-based organizations, continue to walk the path of reconciliation…a path that would cast all of us into the healing journey…if only we would put one foot front of the other…

Who will walk the path to reconciliation? The long and steady breath of history will infuse the air ….Who will recognize the blossoms…encouraging those who follow in the path beside and behind be the stewards of these blossoms..desperate to reach for the light ….healing & renewing . …spreading seeds of life….rooting in unexpected places.  “Breathe on me Breath of God”.


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