Heart Strong

So…..i have had a heart attack…2 in fact….. just at the tail end of 40’s too….What the &^%$#!!! 

Stress can kill…..ya….no kidding eh! The last two years have really taken me down.

At some point, a body says…hey…like this aint workin’ chiceebee…i’m gonna throw you a curve ball and see what you do with the pitch. Time to learn to live with a 2nd chance….always wanted to live in florida….maybe it’s time to hook up the trailer…make the journey down the I-75.  Orange blossoms…the sound of waves on the Gulf Coast….the white sandy beaches of Clearwater…Does my heart good to think about the past..when i was still a young girl…living with gramma and grampa Trussler in Dunedin, on Scotland St.  

Yes….it does my heart good…



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