As the shades o…

As the shades of autumn move away from the brilliance that hasten to adorn the hills and valleys of the north,  …esmerelda dug in…dug in deep to question her ongoing internal dialogue…..time does not stop….she was increasingly more aware of this …autumn was moving into that place in between…………that place where the colours adorning the trees were not quite bursting with song….but not yet dying into the chill that called on the northwest wind..

Esmerelda could feel her resolve slipping …..something in her bones was leaving her shaken….sleep was elusive….mind games played relentlessly….There would need to be a thorough investigation…..

the direction would be layed out before her….she would need to listen for sounds and voices she did not yet understand….to see  signs that were invisible in this moment…Esmerelda only knew that something…or someone..was reaching into spaces in her mind …calling her name…gently pushing her back …along a pathway that she had never travelled.


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